Fipke cancels stud fee contracts for 2020 breeding season

In recognition of the economic hardship brought on by the global coronavirus pandemic, all stallions owned by Charles E. Fipke will stand the 2020 season at no charge. The stud fee will be waived for breeders who have already signed contracts, and zero fee contracts will be issued for any new seasons for the remainder of the 2020 breeding season.

“What can I say? Small breeders will especially be affected by the economic conditions, and they are the backbone of this industry. None of my stallions stand for more than $5,000, and they are primarily supported by small breeders. Because I own my stallions outright and don’t have shareholder responsibilities, I am able to do this, with the support of the farms where they stand. I’m passionate about this game and will continue to support my stallions, and I’d like to show my appreciation for outside breeders who do so as well in these trying times.” ~ Chuck Fipke